Skyview High School

I currently attend Skyview High School as a sophomore and I'm currently the chapter president. I have been involved in the Technology Student Association for 4 years now, with this year being my 3rd year as a chapter officer. I enjoy getting to meet new people from all over and bring a little bit of light into their lives. During my free time I enjoy backpacking, camping, fishing, as well as working in my garage on many projects and getting the opportunity to staff various summer camps.



Ronan High School

My name is Sariel Sandoval. I am a member of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes and I am currently a senior at Ronan High School. This is my fourth year participating in TSA and have had the opportunity to be our chapter's Treasurer, Secretary, and now President. Technology Student Association has had a large impact on my high school career and I am proud to be apart of the state officer team.
Lémlmtš (thank you).


Ronan High School

I am working on it...


One of the many benefits of TSA is the local, state and national leadership opportunities that are available to students. Please encourage your students to take advantage of these unique opportunities by encouraging them to run for a state office.

Montana TSA has six (6) officer positions - President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, and Sergeant-at-Arms.  Applicants DO NOT apply for a specific position. After being elected, all six State Officers will attend a CTSO Leadership Camp. At the conclusion of the camp, the State Officer Team will determine the appropriate position for each officer.  The State Officer Team is comprised to the six (6) TSA officers and the State TSA Advisor.


Candidates must complete the online application and the TSA State Officer Signature document. The signature document will need to be submitted by e-mail to and by April 16, 2021.  Applicants will be notified by the State Advisor if their application has been accepted.  Officer candidates will be expected to submit a video introducing themselves, this will be played during the Virtual State Leadership Conference. Voting will take place during the delegate session.


By electing you to State TSA office, the membership entrusts the leadership of its organization to you and your fellow officers. With the acceptance of this honor come duties and responsibilities. Duty is defined, as “the conduct, obedience, loyalty, and submission required of an officer.


” Responsibility is “the reliability and moral accountability for duties expected of an officer.” Together, duty and responsibility convey the conduct and performance appropriate to all Montana TSA State officers.


Regardless of which office you hold, your duties and responsibilities as a State TSA officer obligate you to do the following:


  • Understand the mission and goals of Montana & National TSA.

  • Understand the Montana & National TSA bylaws.

  • Be familiar with the organizational structure and policies of Montana TSA.

  • Understand and correctly use parliamentary procedure.

  • Memorize appropriate ceremonies and rituals.

  • Be prepared to conduct meetings and to serve as a speaker.

  • Be loyal to Montana TSA, and attend all meetings.

  • Help other officers accomplish their tasks.

  • Practice good speaking and writing skills as you represent the State association.

  • Conduct assigned officers duties at State Officer meetings/workshops.

  • Be helpful, respectful, and responsible to all people.


TSA State Officer Qualifications
  • Only current TSA members (active) in good standing are eligible to run for or hold office.

  • The candidate must be holding or have held an elected chartered chapter office.

  • A candidate must have at least one year of school remaining at the time he or she runs for state office.

  • A candidate must be a member of TSA for at least one year before seeking a state office.

  • A TSA member must have completed the eighth grade to be qualified for a State TSA office.

  • Candidates should have the ability to express opinions, make decisions,and be neat and in appearance.

  • A candidate should have a thorough knowledge of parliamentary procedures and the TSA bylaws.

  • All state officer candidates are required to obtain the official TSA dress.

  • All officer candidates must have attended a previous TSA State Conference.

  • Shall have the support of the adviser and parents/guardian, and secure their signatures of endorsement.

  • The state officer candidate application and evaluation sheet must be received by the published deadline.

  • State officers will be on constant call throughout the year.


State Officer Required Attendance
  • Attend the Montana TSA Fall Leadership Workshops (September/October 2020).

  • Attend CTSO/Governor Meeting at the State Capitol, Helena (January/February 2021).

  • Attend the TSA State Leadership Conference (March, 2021).

  • Participate in monthly officer planning video conference calls.


All applications must be e-mailed to and by April 16, 2021.


All applicants for state office must be prepared to deliver a speech of two minutes or less to the state delegation at the opening session of the State Leadership Conference.


Any questions please contact: 

Kirk Woosley  School: 406.281.5200  Cell: 406.698.8154 Email:

Jesse Gray School: 406.676.3390 Cell: 406.531.9044 Email:

Official Dress


As a state officer, you always set an example and represent Montana Technology Student Association at every event or activity you attend.  We expect all state officers to present themselves professionally at those activities indicated by the official attire guidelines.



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