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February 8 - 12, 2021


Plan now to let your TSA chapter advisor know how much you appreciate their effort and time in making your TSA experience the best! During Advisor Appreciation Week, try out one or more of the following ideas:


1) Bring homemade cookies or other snacks each day of the week for your advisor. Chapter members can choose a different day of the week to bake.


2) During morning or afternoon school announcements express your chapter’s appreciation for your TSA advisor.


3) Purchase, or design, a large “thank you” card and have each member write a note and sign their name. Display the card in your advisor’s classroom/lab.


4) Collect a small donation from chapter members and purchase a gift card for your advisor to his/her favorite restaurant.


5) Compile a book of “thank you” letters from current and former students and give to your advisor during your TSA meeting.


6) Have each chapter member write down their five favorite things about your advisor, compile the list and present it to your advisor along with a small gift.


7) Create a “thank you” banner to be hung in the hall or classroom.


8) Make an “advisor appreciation video”. Show the video at your chapter meeting or maybe post on your school’s web site.


9) Purchase a TSA logo shirt or other item from the TSA store and present it to your advisor.


10) Purchase an International Technology Engineering and Education Educators Association (ITEEA) professional membership for your advisor.


11) Make an “advisor appreciation” certificate with official signatures of the chapter officers to present to your advisor at your next chapter or school board meeting.


12) Invite your school principal to attend your chapter meeting and share with him or her the wonderful things about your advisor. Maybe even do a skit!

2014-15  MONTANA TSA

CHAPTER ADVISOR OF THE YEAR Dwight Freeman, Saco High School Dwight was nominated by Harlem and Saco Chapter members.  He received the award at the TSA National Conference in Dallas, TX.

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