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The Board of Directors shall be composed of the following members, but not limited too:


Elected Representatives:

  • Three Chapter Advisers of an affiliated Chapter.


Appointed Representatives:

  • Business & Industry Representative(s)

  • Technology/STEM Teacher Educator Representative(s)

  • OPI/CTE Representative(s)

  • Executive Director




Elected Representatives: One Chapter Adviser will be elected each year to a three year term. Term begins and ends with the Fall Board Meeting held during the MTACTE and MEA Conferences.


The Nominating Committee will collect nominations of interested Chapter Advisors and prepare a slate of candidates. The ballot will be presented to board members at least four weeks before the TEAM Luncheon at MEA where elections will occur.


  • A simple majority of votes cast is needed.

  • Voting will be made by ballot.

  • All Board members in attendance are eligible to vote.


The Board of Directors shall elect a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Secretary/Treasurer each year at the Fall Board meeting, after the election of the new Board. A simple majority of votes cast is needed.


The Board of Directors will collect recommendations from chapter advisors and the Executive Director/Chapter Advisor. From the recommendations they will chose the best candidates and designate the Business & Industry Representative, the Technology/STEM Teacher Educator Representative and the OPI/CTE Representative


Each member will serve a three year term beginning and ending with the Fall Board Meeting held during the MTACTE and MEA Conferences.


Meetings and Quorum


The Board of Directors shall meet a minimum of twice a year; the Executive Director and/or President may call special meetings.


A majority of the voting members of the board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The same shall pertain to all committees of the board. Proxy voting is not allowed.

Board Members



High School Representative

Glen Bradbury

Gallatin High School



High School Representative

Jamie Isaly

Park High School

Co-Executive Director

Kirk Woosley

Billings Skyview High School


Co-Executive Director

Jesse Gray

Ronan High School


Post-Secondary Representative

Dr. Michael Walach

Montana State University, Bozeman

Technology Education Department


High School Representative

Troy Smith

Glacier High School


Industrial Technology Specialist

Mike Houghton

Office of Public Instruction


Corporate Member

Mary Ellen Earnhardt

MT Department of Labor

Career Lab Supervisor

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