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Promotional Toolkit

​The 2012- 2013 national TSA officer team has created a TSA Promotional Toolkit to complement the useful resources on the national TSA website. 


This toolkit includes outreach and networking ideas meant to keep pace with modern technological innovations and styles. Its focus is to help members increase chapters’ membership numbers and also expand our organization to include new chapters. Our goal is to create a new promotional campaign that focuses on how TSA helps its members become better students, by providing them with an environment that fosters exploration in fields that interest them, no matter how varied students’ interests may be. We hope though, with the help of this new tool, this goal can be accomplished.

Community Outreach Toolkit

​The TSA National Officers have created the Community Outreach Toolkit – designed as a resource for state delegations to reach out to businesses and educational institutions (including two-and four year colleges and universities) in your state.


Included in the toolkit are letter templates, brochures, and a PowerPoint presentation. These items provide basic information about TSA’s goals and programs and can easily be customized for your state. Although your use of this toolkit is optional, we hope this initiative will help produce opportunities for internships, jobs/careers, and scholarships for TSA members.


By working together, we can spread the word about the value of TSA to many businesses, corporations, and educational institutions across the country. 

Advisor Toolkit

​To go along with the promotion and outreach toolkits we are also providing a teacher tool kit.


Included in the toolkit are STEM publicity article, fund raising ideas, promoting your chapter article, membership recruitment &retention ideas, and a link to nation TSA webste regarding Nation TSA Wee.


Hopefully, these downloads will be of some help and reduce your existing workload.  

Shape the Future Flyer
TSA Promotion Brochure
Press Release Template
50 Ways to Promote TSA
Recruitment Tool Kit PowerPoint
Recruitment Cards
Meeting Announcement
Starting a Chapter Brochure
Letter to Business/College Template
Brochure to Business/College Template
Outreach Toolkit Presentation Template
STEM Education Article
Fund Raising Ideas
Promoting your Chapter
Membership Recruitment
How to Create a School Presence
National TSA Week
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