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Montana TSA received state charter on  July 24, 1991 through the efforts of Doug Polette, Craig Todd and Dwight Freeman. There efforts early on have brought us to were we are today. 


The past few years have brought us many challenges that have all of us working harder and in ways we have never done.


Our State Leadership Conference for 2022 was in Bozeman and it was great to be back in person.  Approximate 120 students attended even with last minute COVID precautions in place by Gallatin County. We used the Gallatin county fair grounds as a venue and we anticipate using this venue again next year. Bozeman provides a more central location for schools that do participate and both Gallatin High and Bozeman High have active advisors and chapters. Billings is able to travel for 1-2 days with ease and the western part of the state has less travel time for advisors and students.

National TSA offers 39 high school competitions, 32 of which are also offered in a virtual format. There are also 37 middle school competitions, 30 of which are also offered in a virtual format.

Our 2023 conference currently has 28 events. Some of the events will have a submission date that is prior to our conference week. While others will be onsite challenges that will be limited to only a few hours to complete.

While we will continue to work on increasing membership this year.  The State Officer team will also be contacting former TSA officers and members about starting an alumni association.  An Alumni Association could be of great help and service to Montana TSA.  If you are or know of someone who was be interested in being a member "click" on the ALUMNI tab above for further information.  There is NO COST to be an alumni member!


Lastly,  we will be trying to offer more advisor/officer/member leadership training this year.  We have many chapters that could use help with curriculum  and training in this area.  We will be sending out more information.


PLEASE, get registered with NATIONAL TSA!!!! I know how tough it is getting our programs working but it is important to our individual funding and state funding of TSA. If you need help getting registered please let me know.

2024 TSA State Conference
April 8 - 9, 2024
In-person Conference


Jesse Gray

School: 406.676.3390

Cell: 406.531.9044

Days until the 2024

Montana TSA State Leadership Conference, April 8 - 9, 2024. 



The Technology Student Association (TSA) is one of the eight Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs) recognized by the federal government, the Technology Student Association provides middle and high school students with opportunities for leadership, teamwork, community service, personal growth and recognition. Your student’s chapter will plan a program of work for the year that will include technology competitions and activities and will help prepare your student for entry into college and/or the work force.

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